In Zascandil you can enjoy an aperitif, tapas or a selected cocktail menu. At the bar or at our high tables. The bar doors are always open to receive you.

Zascandil Bar

At Zascandil we like to combine classic flavours with the most modern ones.
Recover the great traditional recipes and play with new flavors. Every gastronomic proposal that forms part of our menu has a history. Now you can also have tapas in a fresh and cozy space where our precious bar has recovered tapas that are unusual in these times, such as the prawns a la gabardina or the vitello tonnato.

In an era characterized by a great sophistication in the stoves, we avoid the trends and who marks our cuisine are the seasons of the year. The product gives shape to the letter, it is the most important thing.

At the Bar you can enjoy an aperitif, tapas or a selected cocktail menu.

Among the specialties of the house the cook has wanted to leave a space to pay tribute to historic restaurants in the city. It recovers elaborations such as the turkey thighs of Casa Mercedes and the classic prawns with the Tivoli gabardine.

Zascandil has original proposals for both day and night to enjoy its tasty cuisine.


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